Mayville State Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of MAYVILLE FINANCIAL CORPORATION 
"Mayville State Bank is now in its 130th year of service and in thinking about how MSB has managed to survive and indeed prosper through multiple periods of boom and bust, expansion and contraction, two factors are of utmost importance: first, we have been blessed with very loyal staff, several having worked careers of 40+ years, and have only had 7 presidents in 129 years, resulting in experienced leadership; and second, we have been blessed by the support on many long-term shareholders and directors who have recognized the benefits to our community of a locally-owned bank." 
Shelly Brooks 
Consolidated Annual Report of Mayville Financial Corporation and its subsidiary, Mayville State Bank,  
Statement of Condition for Mayville State Bank 
If you are interested in purchasing or selling any Mayville Financial Corporation shares, please contact Shelly Brooks, Lisa Stephens or Susan Gabalis at (989) 843-6145. 
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