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Account Types: 
"The Club" Checking Account: Join "The Club" and receive a large array of financial services. In addition to the benefits of a regular checking account, the bank will provide you with services ranging from accidental death insurance, notary services, discounted giftcards, cash savings and more. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this account with all the extras. 
Senior Citizen "The Club": Have you or your joint account holder reached the age of 62? The "Club" checking account's valuable benefits are available to you at a discount.  
"The Club" Interest NOW Checking: All of the benefits of a Club account and an Interest NOW account wrapped into one.  See Current Rates. 
Smart Checking Account: A "smart" pick for the beginner. This checking account has no minimum balance requirements and caters to the customer with limited check writing needs. Best of all, it offers ATM/Debit Card usage at no additional charge.  
Free Direct Checking Account: This checking product provides a quality checking account without minimum balance requirement or monthly service charge to customers who receive regular monthly direct deposits. 
Regular Checking Account: Just the basics. Easily avoid service charges by maintaining minimum monthly balance requirements. You’ll also enjoy the convenience and ease of a Debit card, Internet banking and on-line bill-pay at no additional charge. 
Senior Citizen Checking Account: Your golden years hold a golden opportunity for a checking account with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service charge.  
Interest NOW Checking: Providing the benefits of a savings and checking combined, the Interest NOW account is our interest bearing checking account offering a competitive rate of interest.  See Current Rates. 
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