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When it comes to your money and finances, you need to be able to depend on who you choose to watch over your money and trust they will act in your best interest. Mayville State Bank has been a symbol of strength and dependability in our community since being founded by Joseph and Thomas J. Eveland (brothers) and Henry Knickerbocker in 1885.

Mayville State Bank has seen quite a bit of history since opening its doors: two great wars, the Great Depression and President Roosevelt’s famous four-day bank holiday (during which Mayville State Bank remained open), political and social turmoil and on through to the age of technology we live in today. No matter what was happening in the community, state, region, country or world, our customers knew they could always depend on us to be there for their financial needs.

Today, Mayville State Bank still operates with the same commitment to doing what is best for our customers. Combining the customer service you deserve with banking products and new technology to keep you managing your finances easily is our approach today. There are even opportunities to realize a sense of ownership in your locally owned community bank through our holding company, Mayville Financial Corporation.  To find out more information about shares available for purchase just contact us by mail, phone or email, it’s just one more way Mayville State Bank is focusing our banking experience on you.

If you’re new to the area or are simply looking for a new bank, we invite you to come by any of our locations and speak with one of our staff members today to see what a true community banking experience is like.






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