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ATM Locations

Three Full-Service ATM Locations to Serve You

Mayville State Bank has three full-service ATM locations available throughout the area.  You can use your Mayville State Bank ATM/Debit Card at any of these locations to make withdrawals and complete other transactions surcharge free.

Mayville Drive Up- 37 E. Ohmer Rd., Mayville, MI 48744

Millington Drive Up- 8428 N. State St., Millington, MI 48746

Fostoria Grocery- 9294 Foster St., Fostoria, MI 48435


Nationwide ATMs Through MoneyPass and Comerica

We also have partnerships with MoneyPass and Comerica to offer a nationwide network consisting of thousands of ATM locations across the United States. Similar to using a Mayville State Bank ATM, using a MoneyPass or Comerica ATM allows you to complete your withdrawals without any additional surcharges.

If you are planning a trip or planning on being out of our area, be sure to check out the MoneyPass or Comerica ATM locations near your destination.