Stock Information

Becoming a Shareholder

Mayville State Bank established roots in the community in 1885 and has provided the residents of Tuscola County and the surrounding areas with financial services since that time. Mayville Financial Corporation (MFC) was formed in 2000 as the holding company for Mayville State Bank, with MFC owning 100% of Mayville State Bank.  MFC is privately held and does not trade on an exchange. Financial information is available at your request or you may review our Annual Report here.  Contact us if you are interested in becoming a shareholder and investing in your local community bank.

Shelly Brooks
President, Mayville Financial Corporation

We are currently aware of stock being made available at prices ranging between $29.50 – $31.00 per share.

If you are interested in purchasing MFC stock, please call 989-843-6145.

Stock Information for 2022

There were 8,316 shares of stock traded at between $22.00 per share and $29.50 per share during the calendar year.
The last sale price recorded for 2022 was at $29.50 per share.
Total dividends paid in 2022 were $0.90 per share.

Contact Mayville State Bank at (989) 843-6145 for more information about how to become a shareholder.