ATM Locations

Three Full-Service ATM Locations to Serve You

Mayville State Bank has three full-service ATM locations available throughout the area.  You can use your Mayville State Bank ATM/Debit Card at any of these locations to make withdrawals and complete other transactions surcharge free.

Mayville Drive Up – 37 E. Ohmer Rd., Mayville, MI 48744

Millington Drive Up – 8428 N. State St., Millington, MI 48746

Fostoria Grocery – 9294 Foster St., Fostoria, MI 48435

Nationwide ATMs Through MoneyPass and Comerica

We also have partnerships with MoneyPass and Comerica to offer a nationwide network consisting of thousands of ATM locations across the United States. Similar to using a Mayville State Bank ATM, using a MoneyPass or Comerica ATM allows you to complete your withdrawals without any additional surcharges.

If you are planning a trip or planning on being out of our area, be sure to check out the MoneyPass or Comerica ATM locations near your destination and don’t forget to contact the bank with your travel information to ensure your debit card functions normally during your travels.

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